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Investment in modern technology

September 3rd, 2013

Hotel Galleria – a branch company of Phiwa Ltd. has invested in a new hotel TV system, which will allow guests full enjoyment during their stay in our hotel. In addition to the availability of the > READ MORE

Phiwa Company Ltd on 16th International Real Estate and Investment Fair in Munich

September 3rd, 2013

Phiwa Company Ltd. will perform at the 16th International Real Estate and Investment Fair, which takes place between 7. - 09.10.2013. in Munich. Phiwa company will introduce its range of properties> READ MORE

Background “Phiwa” LTD

Background “Phiwa” LTD

Our company consists of „Phiwa“, „R & W“ , as well as the parent company „RUWA“ .

In November 2002 we bought the company “Angropromet” from Kikinda, with 127 employees, 40 stores, most of which did not work. The company has also one department store, one Market – hall, warehouses and administrative building. Today the company “Angropromet” has 240 employees.

2007 was the company “Angropromet” awarded the first prize as the best company in Vojvodina, Serbia’s largest province.

2003 we bought in Subotica 217,000 m2 of land where we built a logistics centre with the whole infrastructure and roads, with access roads of 958 meters. (The parcel of today’s logistics centre is located at the address Batinska No. 94 – next to the road to Sombor).

2003 we leased 400,000 m2 of land from the City of Zrenjanin and built together with this town logistics – manufacturing – commercial centre with all necessary facilities and access road length of 1,500 m with 4 roundabouts.

2003 we bought at auction the textile factory “SENTEX” in Zenta with 100,000 m2 of land and buildings with a total area of ​​17,900 m2.

2004 we built in Subotica in the logistics centre, the hall  number 1 with the area of ​​15,000 m2, which we rented out to the company “Loher”, a daughter company of “Siemens”. The company has about 600 employees.

2004 we bought land with a surface of ​​23,000 m2 in Novi Sad, in the new part of the town named Novo Naselje.

End of 2006 we built in logistics centre in Subotica the hall No. 2 with 13,200 m2 and rented it out to the company “Loher”, a daughter company of “Siemens” employing about 500 workers.

2004 we purchased 137,000 m2 of land in the commercial and urbanized part of Subotica, which is very favourable for the construction of a shopping centre and is located on the attractive site in the direction to Palic – on the edge of the town. Near the same location are „RODA“ Mega market, „JYSK“, „METRO“ Cash & Carry, „EXPO“ Centre, „ALEXANDRO“ and Industrial Parks Subotica.

2004 we bought 57,000 m2 of land on the other side of Subotica, which is suitable for industry, on the main highway E -75 in the direction to Novi Sad – which was rebuilt a year ago.

In May 2005 we started the construction of a hotel and office building with the surface of ​​29,900 m2 and 214 parking places in the underground garage with two floors, next to the pedestrian zone and within four streets. The building was finished 2007 in two phases, the first phase in June and the second phase in September of the same year.

In September 2006 we began construction of the hall number 1 in Zrenjanin with 15,000 m2, which was finished in early 2007 and which we rented out to the company “Draexlmayer”. The company “Draexlmaier” is exclusive partner/subcontractor of the companies „BMW“ and „FIAT“ in making electrical installations for cars.

2006 in Kikinda, in the Market-Hall which stood empty for 15 years, we started the renovation and reconstruction / construction and finished it after  13 months.

2007 we started the construction of the hall number 3 for the free zone in Subotica in the logistics centre on a total surface of ​​13,200 m2, which we have completed and submitted in early 2008. In the same building there are commercial tenants including the company „IDEA“ with wholesale warehouse for consumer goods, the company „DUNKERMOTOREN“ – one of the first German companies after the company SIEMENS / LOHER with the production of electric motors, the company „CONTINENTAL-CONTITECH“, the well known German tire factory with specialized production of parts for the automotive industry, as well as the management of the free zone with customs offices and warehouse.

At the end of August 2007 after the construction which lasted 31 months, we have opened a hotel and office building with 214 parking places, five seminar rooms, a conference hall for 350 people and a ballroom for 400 people and 90 rooms, suites and residential apartments.

2011 we enlarged the „Angrohit“ supermarket in Subotica from a total surface of 500 m2 to 800 m2 – i.e. the expansion of total surface with 300 m2 and 24 parking places as well as with the department of fresh meat and  individual bakery within the retail space. During the construction/enlargement was the building fully modernized and refurbished all in accordance with current standards of the respective field.

In October 2011 we began construction of a specialized manufacturing facility for our tenant / business partner Siemens. The project matches  all special needs of this company and was finished in January 2012 with total floor surface of ​​2,100 m2, 6,000 m2 for manipulative plateau and internal roads. That plant is one of the most modern plants in Europe for polymerization and impregnation of the segments of wind turbines.

In November 2011  we started the construction of a warehouse – manufacturing facility in logistics centre in Zrenjanin for the needs of our business partner / lessee, the company “Draexlmaier DAD“, which was finished in January 2012. The surface is  ​​1,320 m2 for the purpose of electrical and cable installations for passenger vehicles of „FIAT“.

In March 2012 we built  within the hotel and office building “Galleria” a wellness centre with a total surface of ​​1,600 m2, which is the largest in Serbia in the field of the hotel industry and individual use.

2012 we built production and warehouse facilities in two phases with the total area of ​​16,432.92 m2. In January 2012 the first phase of the complex with the area of ​​1,320.00 m2, in July 2012 the second phase of building area of 15,112.92 m2 in the logistics centre in Zrenjanin for our ongoing business partner, tenant, the company „Draexlmaier DAD“. In these objects are produced cable and electrical installations for cars of „FIAT“ and „BMW“.

At the beginning of 2012 in the logistic centre in Subotica was constructed a building/ manufacturing facility in accordance with the requirements of our ongoing partner „Siemens“ Ltd. Belgrade with the surface of ​​2,100 m2 for the technology of impregnation and polymerization. In previous plans and negotiations with the company „Siemens“ Ltd. Belgrade is planned to build another production area of ​​4,200 m2 for the purpose of  expansion of technology.

In 2014. we sold our companies Lurdy doo and Angropromet doo.